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Great strings at low low prices - Guitar Tech recommended

Superb Strings at low prices
Guitar Parts / Luthier Tools USA
Guitar Tonewood/ Guitar Parts / Luthier Tools UK
Useful supplier of Pickups and guitar parts
Excellent UK made pickups
Manufacturer of top end guitar parts
Great pickups - surprisingly economic
Well known pickup manufacturer
Well known pickup manufacturer
UK Guitar parts suppliers
Good online (and friendly) source for guitar parts, guitar spares and hardware. Many of the leading brands such as Gotoh®, Graph Tech™, Bigsby®
Leicester PAT Testing Service And a great guitarist too
Brilliant Photography - one of my customers is an amazing photographer. Don't miss this

Live Bands Booking Agency

Function, Covers and Party Bands for weddings, dinners & corporate events throughout England, Wales & Scotland. Also Folk, Classical and Jazz

Well worth a look
Guitar Websites - Links to the best web sites for Guitarists Quite Useful!
MovinMusic - Blues Gigs site and Agency Superb
Learn and Master Guitar Learn-and-Master-Guitar.Com is a non-biased review site. It takes a look at some of the web's more popular"learn to play guitar" programs. Useful